We Few is a campaign I plan on running as soon as I can find willing players. Below is a basic outline of how I intend the game to run. I am open to any and all suggestions.

The Setting

Inspiried by Rifts, the setting for this campaign is a modern world brought to ruin by a cataclysmic event that unleashed magic, monsters and fantastic structures upon the Earth. The population dropped from 7 billion to under 1 billion overnight. In a now very hostile environment, the party and a small group of NPCs must use their wits, skills, and a little magic to find food, water, and shelter, while securing some sort of future for themselves.

Here is a more detailed Introduction.

Game Flow

The gameplay will be primarily sandbox-style. I will have a map of the party’s current location and surroundings. From there, the party can decide how best to approach acquiring basic necessities, explore, or build things. Challenging the party will be mundane concerns like hunger, thirst, weather, and physical obstacles, as well as more extraordinary threats like monsters, and otherworldly phenomena.

The NPCs will be largely subordinate to the PCs, depending on the PCs for survival, but will bring useful skills to the group that the PCs may not have. They will also provide advice and suggestions, but will not attempt to decide a course of action for the group as a whole.

The System

I have not decided on a system to use with the setting. Right now, I’m considering World of Darkness with Mage: the Awakening, and GURPS. I’ll take suggestions from the party-to-be before making a final decision.

Example Adventures

To get a better idea of what I’m planning, here are some examples of what the party may end up doing:

  • Journey to a research facility with fuel and a generator. Get computers up and running, and find login information. Survive what lurks within the facility. Acquire data and escape with it.
  • Explore a coal power plant and salvage materials to make a coal-powered vehicle.
  • Eliminate the horrors infesting a well-stocked grocery store and make off with the food.
  • Find a way to enter a mysterious structure floating in the sky and discover what lies within.

We Few